Indoor Group Training Classes

Unfortunately, the indoor Group Training Sessions that had previously run on a Monday afternoon and Thursday evening in Bishops Sutton are no longer operating, as I have not been able to find a suitable replacement training venue.

However, the individual and group training sessions described below are all still available- please just phone me on 01420 562869 to discuss content, costs and availability.

Opportunities for outdoor Training and Individual Help

Sometimes behaviours appear that are best resolved in an outdoor environment. You may need help with keeping your dog close to you on walks, keeping them calm amongst traffic and/or other dogs, or controlling your dog’s constant pulling on the lead.

Specialist help with competitive obedience training or with keeping your dog controlled but still showing well in the breed ring is also available. I have over  20 years experience in competing, judging and stewarding competitive obedience and am always willing to share  expertise with clients.

Specific Gun Dog Classes

I have also successfully helped clients with “Gun Dog” work, especially steadiness work for shoots, and reliable retrieving. In September I organise additional ‘mock shoot’ sessions (using cold game) for dogs and owners that I am already working with to prepare them for the start of the shooting season.

In Depth Consultations

There are times when our dogs are not easy to live with.

My In Depth consultations draw on my 30 years previous experience to help owners live in harmony with their dogs. These constructive consultations encourage clients to act as “pack leaders” of their dogs, giving the humans in the household the higher status, as dogs thrive in a pack hierarchy. Harmony can be restored. A plan is worked out with the owners so that they can put this into place, and “after care” support is maintained to achieve a successful outcome.

I am especially experienced in working with and overcoming dog to dog, or dog to human, aggression issues.

All these services promote responsible dog ownership, working to achieve happy, obedient and sociable dogs.
If you’d like to discuss arranging appointments or joining one of the group sessions please call me on 01420 562869.