It’s a point of pride that many of my clients find their way to me through referral, recommendation or repeat business. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is. Below are some kind words from current and previous clients

When my Labrador started chewing my friends cashmere sweaters, I knew I had a problem- and an expensive one.

So I consulted Janet Gray.

After 4 weeks there’s a noticeable improvement. Barney’s calmer, we’re more relaxed and our investment is a wise one!

Sue Cubbit


I started going to Janet Grays dog training lessons when our Old English Sheep dog ( Daisy) was just a puppy. Daisy is my first dog, so having such a large dog I wanted to teach her all the right things.

I didn’t realise was a lovely part she was going to play in my life. Teaching her the right things was just the beginning. I remember very well in one of my new lessons when Janet was getting us to check every part of our dogs- including her mouth, daisy was wasn’t have any part in this and as I was apprehensive things didn’t go well. Daisy knew I didn’t like putting my hand in her mouth so she gave me a hard time. Janet could see what was happening and stepped in to coach ME FIRMLY. Yes that’s right I needed the confidence from Janet to help me get over this hurdle. From that day on things changed, I was now in control and Daisy is a better and happier dog for it and so am I.

Daisy is now 2 years old and we still go to lessons as I believe we are both still learning.

I have a 9 month old granddaughter and daisy is really gentle and loving towards her. I don’t think this would have been the case if we hadn’t attended Janet’s friendly and enjoyable classes.

Thank you Janet for helping us and Daisy.
Sally and Tony


Janet Gray’s dog training classes have been of enormous help to me and my dogs during the 12 years since I first met her.

Thanks to her expertise, patience and gentle reassurance, my dogs have learned (or are learning!) how they should behave in the company of other dogs (and their owners) and I have learned how best to train them at home. Janet conducts her classes with an air of quiet authority and confidence, which, in turn, instils confidence in both the dogs and their handlers. I am very grateful to her for all her help.

LW & Cassie (Alresford)


I have been going to Janet’s dog training classes for years, my dogs and I enjoy
the classes and learn a huge amount which constantly improves our relationship.

It also gives them the opportunity to work with other dogs in a safe environment
which helps their confidence around other dogs. I would thoroughly recommend
the classes.

Kind regards
Madeleine L


I have attended Janet’s classes for training all 3 of my dogs from puppy stage onwards.  My eldest dog is now 14 and my youngest dog is 5 months and I would thoroughly recommend her methods – for happy dogs and happy owners.

Lisa in Newton Valence


Our black labrador, Polly, is the third dog we have had which I have taken to Janet Grays’s dog training classes.   During this time I have learnt a lot about dog behaviour from Janet and from the experience of seeing the way in which a variety of other dogs behave in response to their owners in class.   Dog training is, in my view, in the main about training owners to gain the respect and trust of their dogs, a philisophy Janet instills.   In early training in the puppy class, the puppy is socialised with other dogs in a controlled way and also learns basic disciplines of heeling, sitting and staying.   As the dog progresses up the classes, more advanced training is given such as ‘coming’ (most important!) and there is increasingly more off-lead work.   There is fun as well in class for the dogs and their owners as some of the exercises become more demanding – such as 2 dogs at the same time undertaking two different exercises which don’t always go to plan, e.g., a dog, not supposed to be retrieving ‘pinches’ the other’s retrieve object!

A well trained dog makes life much easier and more enjoyable and the investment I have put in over the years in attending Janet’s dog training classes has been invaluable.

Sue L
East Tisted


Pompey is almost eleven and Tizzy is just turned four. They are both as well trained as Jack Russell terriers can be. However  we carry on attending classes because they are so good! Janet puts a lot of thought into planning exercises so  that the dogs get the mental stimulation and challenge of doing things in different and fun ways. Moreover the owners benefit from Janet’s wisdom and anecdotes on dog behaviour. Every lesson is different and never boring.

We are a friendly group and look forward to seeing friends and their dogs each week.

Lynn, Ropley